Spotlight Innovation focuses on identifying, validating and acquiring/cooperating with early stage companies developing healthcare technologies including pharmaceuticals, devices and equipment, diagnostic products and healthcare IT.

We place a premium on identifying and targeting disruptive healthcare IP — intellectual property technology with the potential to transform by changing core value propositions and competition in the healthcare industry, and generating the greatest positive impact on the health and well-being of as many people as possible.

We utilize the skills of an extensive network of professionals, each accomplished in their areas of expertise including financial, scientific, marketing and legal.

Spotlight Innovation combines innovative thinking with the proven ability to:

  • Identify categories of IP that have the attributes of future growth, scalability and profit potential
  • Provide accurate, defensible and actionable business analysis
  • Identify existing healthcare IP companies with significant growth potential
  • Time entry into each category based on technological and cultural readiness
  • Identify and overcome barriers to successful commercialization and adoption
  • Implement repeatable processes that bring speed, accuracy and efficiency to commercialization


What We Do in 4 Easy Steps

What Spotlight Innovation Does in Four Easy Steps:

  • Cultivate relationships with the nation’s leading academic and institutional intellectual property developers
  • Identify and acquire promising medical-sector intellectual property technologies
  • Provide development resources and strategic planning expertise
  • Partner with proven leaders to commercialize fully developed technologies