Spending Disparities by Cancer Type infographics

Created by A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation, this infographic shows spending disparities by cancer types breast, prostate, colorectal and lung using statistics from the American Cancer Society, Inc., and the National Institute of Health.


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Yumanity Therapeutics launched to challenge neurodegenerative diseases

Source: The Hoops News

Yumanity Therapeutics has officially been launched by Dr. Tony Coles, who is world-renowned in the biotech industry. The goal of the company is to challenge and defeat diseases that are debilitating and crippling for those who encounter them.

The overwhelming message of the company is to eradicate the diseases rather than simply […]

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World Diabetes Day Interactive Map

In honor of World Diabetes Day (November 14th), here is a map showing the U.S. prevalence of diabetes along with diabetes clinical research sites. You can view diabetes prevalence by percent, diabetes density per square mile, or raw number of cases in each county.

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Here’s what happens when your blood meets viper venom, and it’s not pretty

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The cost of cancer drugs

Source: CBS television show 60 Minutes

Lesley Stahl discovers the shock and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis can be followed by a second jolt: the astronomical price of cancer drugs

“Cancer is so pervasive that it touches virtually every family in this country. More than one out of three Americans will be diagnosed with some form […]

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