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Spotlight Innovation Inc. (OTCQB: STLT) identifies and acquires rights to innovative, proprietary technologies designed to address unmet medical needs, with an emphasis on rare, emerging and neglected diseases. To find and evaluate unique opportunities, we leverage our extensive relationships with leading scientists, academic institutions and other sources.

We provide value-added capability to accelerate development progress. When scientifically significant benchmarks have been achieved, we will endeavor to partner with proven market leaders via sale, out-license or strategic alliance.

Venodol Roll-on

Venodol Roll-on Topical Analgesic

Venodol Roll-on Topical Analgesic

Caretta Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Spotlight Innovation, has announced that its initial over-the-counter chronic pain relief product, Venodol Roll-on, is available online at venodol.com. Venodol Roll-on topical analgesic is formulated to provide long-lasting relief from chronic pain associated with inflammation, including joint pain, tendinitis, arthritis (excluding osteoarthritis), and stubborn body aches.