Spotlight Innovation Inc. (OTCQB: STLT) identifies and acquires rights to innovative and proprietary platform technology candidates with a focus on cancer drugs and related treatment therapies, solutions for infectious disease, and other specialty and unique opportunities. Access to platform technology candidates is accomplished via our extensive relationships with many leading academic institutions and other sources. We provide value-added development capability and funding in order to accelerate development progress. When commercially significant benchmarks have been achieved, we will partner with proven market leaders via sale, out-license or strategic alliance.


Celtic Biotech
Celtic Biotech is developing novel, clinical trial-phase products for the treatment of cancers and pain in humans.

Memcine Pharmaceuticals
Memcine Pharmaceuticals is an early-stage biotech company focused on enhancing vaccine efficacy to improve human and animal health globally.

CDT Veterinary Therapeutics
CDT Veterinary Therapeutics was formed for the development of novel products specific to the veterinary market.

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