Spotlight Innovation Inc. acquires and develops proprietary therapies to address unmet medical needs, with an emphasis on rare, emerging and neglected diseases. The Company identifies in-licensing opportunities and manages product development through partnerships with universities, medical schools, contract research organizations (CROs), and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). At the appropriate stage of research and development the Company will endeavor to pursue product commercialization opportunities including, but not limited to, out-licensing and strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

Goals, Objectives and Strategy

  • Acquire intellectual property (IP) rights to innovative and proprietary medical technologies
  • Target rare, neglected and emerging diseases with clear unmet medical needs
  • Provide value-added development capability and funding to fulfill requirements for filing Investigational New Drug (IND) applications
  • Commercialize technologies via:
    • Sale
    • Out-license
    • Strategic alliance
  • Generate near-term revenue to support long-term product development programs

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